Sales Promotions

Tactics was initially organized to handle the nuts & bolts of Consumer Promotions & Sales Incentive Projects. Initially, this meant database management as well as fulfilment & handling. We developed a small Contact Centre to support these projects as well as an SMS infrastructure. We added internet solutions including building and hosting websites to complete our offering in this area. Tactics Marketing Support has managed every conceivable scenario for a Sales Promotion. We know what works and we know the traps.

Consumer & Trade Promotions

Sweepstakes & Instant Win Promotions - We have seen it all and we provide everything needed to run a successful promotion. All entry mechanics provided in-house from mail and phone to SMS and the web. We can draft Terms & Conditions, Procure Permits, Provide Scrutineers, Pack & Distribute POS, Conduct Manual & Electronic Draws, Validate Entries, Source Premiums, Dispatch Premiums & Prizes, Generate Unique Codes.

Rebate and Cashback
Rebate & Cashback Promotions

Tactics earned and maintains a rock-solid reputation managing Rebate & Cashback projects. We are competent, reliable and honest. We are excited to partner with CashSelectorâ„¢ to bring you and your customers the newest and most agile Cash Distribution Platform bringing more value to your project.

Incentive Programs
Sales Incentive Programs

Most sales incentive programs are database driven. These include "frequent flyer" type and reward type programs among others. Generally, one goal of these programs is to generate some enthusiasm and a sense of commitment on the part of the participants.

Online programs are a marvelous means of achieving this goal. In one scenario, participants enter their codes, receipts or other sales mechanism into a form online. The participant's profile is updated instantly displaying points accrued as well as rewards available to build a sense of participation and excitement. In another scenario, participants enter their codes, receipts or other sales mechanism into a form online. The participant's rank in relation to other participants from the area, the state, and nationwide is updated instantly giving the participant a real sense of achievement. The possibilities are only limited by the imagination.

Tactics has been designing and building these databases for years. In addition to the "business" end of the program, we offer a transparent domain which can be utilized for cost savings and simplicity. In other words, give us your brief and we will give you a simple, easy, cost-effective solution. Again, we offer these services "in-house" and as a result we understand all aspects of a program and can give useful and timely advice.

Loyalty Programs
Customer Loyalty Programs

Tactics is uniquely placed to offer solutions that fit in this database driven area. We have a long history of successfully managed programs. These range from "metric" and "parameter" driven programs to points & reward types of programs. Our grasp of and involvement in the entire process leads to efficient problem free management of your loyalty program.

Sampling Programs
Sampling Programs

When your product can sell itself, nothing increases market share like getting that product into consumers' hands. Tactics has managed small, large, one-off and ongoing sampling programs. We bring the right tools and advice to any Sampling Campaign. This includes online portals, data capture, phone & SMS transcription, micro sites, web services, product warehousing, stock control, packaging, shrink wrapping, dispatch and reporting.

Redemption Campaigns
Redemption Campaigns

Sometimes messy - always fun. Tactics has handled Redemption Campaigns from barcodes and tokens to bottle-tops and lollypops. The tried and true marketing tool requires organization, forethought, and a touch of commonsense to run smoothly.

Liquidating Promotions
Self-Liquidating Promotions

SLPs must be handled responsibly for many reasons. Foremost, money is involved. A close second is the reality that in the life of a child, a day equals a year. In other words, turnaround time is paramount. Tactics has the systems in place to ensure the fastest turnaround times possible.